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      Modern life. Are you feeling firmly grounded or are you grasping moments of zen only to have them immediately whisked away again by our constantly switched-on world? It’s swings and roundabouts, and, as the saying goes – the only thing we can be sure of is change. That’s why here at The Body Shop we believe in the power of nature to help soothe the soul and gift us with moments of bliss to reset us on a more balanced course. Our imaginative Spa of the World™ range brings the exotic essence of the most beautiful and relaxing places on earth to greet you at home every day of the week. So you can save your pennies and your carbon footprint.



      Like any spa worth its salt, home sessions are as much about the mind as the body. You need a carefully crafted ritual to gently soothe all your senses. We’ve put together three rituals to help wrap every cell of your being in bliss. We’ll hold your hand from end-of-working-day wired to end-of-evening easy-going vibes. You’ll need to commandeer the bathroom for a good chunk of time and think of precious scents and watery whirlpools. So, make sure the hot water is on and get the bath or shower running in your soon-to-be heavenly scented paradise. We don’t insist on whale music, but do pop your favorite chilled tunes on to set the scene for some you, you and you time.



      Sleep specialists are beginning to understand the importance of what goes on in the land of nod. And it’s far more than us busy modern humans have been giving it credit for. It’s easy for beauty sleep to slip down the agenda when we’re up all hours, battling for a better world. But lots of our body’s beautifying processes kick in during our sleep cycle, helping us look and feel ready for action in the morning. We could all benefit from understanding how to sleep better, so, here’s some snoozy sleeping tips and products to help you shine bright inside and out.



      So what’s going on when our head hits the pillow and we’re out for the count? There are almost as many benefits of sleep as there are stars in the night sky. As we snooze, it’s go-go-go for our internal organs. Our body temperature lowers, we flush out toxins, our hormones rebalance, and blood flow to our skin increases which helps rebuild collagen. This helps to regenerate and repair skin to its former youthful-looking glory. So what happens if we don't get enough sleep? All that good stuff isn't getting a look-in, and can result in premature ageing. Let’s face it, nobody wants that just-got-out-of-bed look to last all day.


      Sleeping Beauty had the right idea, getting more than forty winks for a rejuvenating beauty sleep. Ever heard of your circadian rhythm? Nope, not a funky dance floor move. It’s your 24 hour internal clock known as your sleep-wake cycle. It’s rumored adults need at least 7 hours and teens 9 hours of beauty sleep in order for our bodies to do all the behind-the-scenes work that helps us feel rested and looking bright-eyed and bushy tailed in the morning.

      We lose up to an astonishing one liter of water a night as we doze, so drinking two liters a day helps keep our hydration reserves bountiful at night and assists the body’s hard work of beauty sleep. Top tip, don’t leave hydration to a mad water-drinking dash in the evening. You might wake up in the middle of the night for a pee – and interrupt all that brilliant beautification work. Given the right amount of sleep and hydration, our skin has a chance to wake up freshly plumped, and fingers crossed, with dark circles and sleepy bags banished by the sleep fairy.

      The amazing benefits of beauty sleep extend to our hair too. We reckon Rapunzel with her famously long strong hair must have been getting in a good 7 hours plus. The increase of blood flow to our skin at night works for our hair follicles too. This rush of nutrients helps our luscious locks get the strong shiny look. But maybe ask any snoring friends to vacate your sleep palace when you need to turbo-boost your beauty sleep (just sayin’).