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      Bath & Spa Sets

      It is commonly known that bath and body spa sets are expensive and finding a set that is worth the money is challenging. A good spa set can help your body from the inside, out. At Spa Luxetique we offer incredible, total body spa sets that are unparalleled when it comes to value for the cost.

      Our online store provides an easy way to shop for the best bath spa sets at fantastic low prices. You can easily search by scent, packaging, or retail. Find amazing deals on our top-rated bath gift sets, including luxury gift set collections. 

      Spa Gift Sets

      Our bathroom spa set collection includes carefully selected items such as bath salts, bubbles bath, bath bombs, and more to create a luxurious aromatic bathing experience to enjoy at home.

      Enjoy the calming scent of bath bombs as they slowly dissolve, releasing vital minerals and nutrients to enrich your skin.

      What ingredients do we use?

      Our bath gift sets use natural ingredients that moisturize and cleanse your body and revitalize the mind and spirit. Vitamin E, sunflower seed oil, essential oils, shea butter and other nourishing compounds that are perfect for sealing in moisture.

      Explore our essential oils to help you relax, such as lavender, daisy, jasmine, lily, ocean rose, and Tahiti island. They are soothing, floral, fragrant, and long-lasting. All of our essential oils offer a unique amount of fragrance that helps match your mood and provide your body and mind with what you are looking for.

      And many of our spa gift sets also feature scented shower gel, bubble bath, body lotion, body butter, body scrub, and more items.

      You can always shop our brand confidently knowing that all of our products are nut free, gluten-free and cruelty free. Not only do we not test on animals but we also create all of our products without any animal bi-products.

      What are the benefits of our spa sets?

      Our best-sellers are a luxurious way to pamper yourself. We suggest taking an Epsom salt bath for its skin-soothing properties, or indulging in a hydrating bubble bath, enriched with Shea Butter. Our spa products refresh and rejuvenate you and your skin. Our bath gift sets are like therapy for the soul!

      Why should you choose Spa Luxetique?

      Spa Luxetique spa sets are designed for people with different preferences and needs. If your skin is dry, sensitive, or just needs a lot of natural exfoliation, Spa Luxetique offers a gift set for you.

      At Spa Luxetique, we ensure you feel good every time you use one of our products - no matter your skin type! We provide the highest quality products at unbeatable prices. Just check out all the recommendations we receive and all of our satisfied customers!

      How to use our spa gift sets

      For the best results, use Spa Luxetique spa sets with warm water. Start by adding a bath bomb or bubble bath to your tub while filling it. Let it dissolve in the water for five minutes before adding more of your favorite bath set oils.

      Our gift set collection will elevate your mood and make you feel better physically and emotionally. Feel the stress melt away as you soak, knowing that your entire body is absorbing all those essential oils and vitamins.

      Are there any side effects when using our spa sets?

      The only side effect you might experience is the feeling of ultimate relaxation!

      Spa Luxetique's products have no chemicals in them and are created with the best ingredients to help you feel your best. All ingredients in our spa bath set collection are preservative-free.

        Spa Luxetique Bath Sets Lavender Spa Bath Set Spa Luxetique Bath Sets Lavender Spa Bath Set

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        Spa Luxetique Bath Sets Vanilla Spa Bath Set Spa Luxetique Bath Sets Vanilla Spa Bath Set

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        Spa Luxetique Bath Sets Lavender Bath Set Basket Spa Luxetique Bath Sets Lavender Bath Set Basket

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