Fresh Citrus Gift Set

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Let us indulge you and your loved ones with the zesty scent of fresh citrus.

This 12-piece set offers a complete line of bathing experience products. Shower Gel, Body Scrub, Body Oil, Body Brush, Bath Slipper, and other personal care products are all ready for you. The Exquisite Bag can be used in many different ways: at the beach, going shopping, or just a day out.

It’s Bubble Time!

Key Ingredients

Shower gel/Bubble bath:
Citrus oil/Aloe/Vitamin E/Castor oil

Body cream:
Shea butter/Coconut oil/Sunflower seed oil/Citrus oil/Vitamin E

Body oil:
Grape seed oil/Coconut oil/Sunflower seed oil/Almond oil/Vitamin E/Shea butter

Body scrub:
Grape seed oil/Almond oil/Citrus oil/Collagen

Bath bomb:
Citrus oil/Coconut oil/Vitamin E/Shea butter

Epsom Bath Salts:
Citrus oil/Coconut oil/Vitamin E/Collagen/Almond oil

Fragrance mist:
Castor oil/Sunflower seed oil/Aloe


No Paraben/Phthalates/
Gluten free
Not tested on animals

12pc Fresh Citrus Gift Set - Spa Luxetique